Franchise Development Services

We understand the unique needs of the franchise world, from the franchisor to the franchisee. With our proprietary approaches, we consistently deliver exceptional results with multi-unit rollouts time after time. We have expertise in beauty/spa, convenience store, education, entertainment, fitness, healthcare, multi-family, restaurant, and retail.

With our proprietary Single Source DevelopmentTM approach, all of our projects are designed from the “ground up” to maximize your investment by reducing cost or avoiding major pitfalls that can result in costly overages, including delays.

We often participate in prototype development and testing with our clients for emerging concepts. We practice continual improvement for existing concepts to deliver even greater results over the long-term.

From inception to completion, we use our Value-Based Design approach to maximize your investment for each project, then execute with meticulous detail. Using Value-Based Design, we concentrate on maximizing the project’s function while minimizing cost to generate the greatest value for our clients. When our in-house architects, designers, and engineers work together, they know exactly how all components of the development and construction process work together.

Franchise development services

We have perfected our process to ensure on-time and on-budget completion of every multi-unit rollout project. Our comprehensive Program Management services provide strict oversight through every stage of the development process.

Our goal for all projects is to design them for the highest quality delivery at the lowest cost and fastest implementation.

The bottom line is that we not only save upfront costs, but also delivering each project on time means quicker time-to-market and revenue generation.

Our services include

Strategic Concepting

Senior management consults on initial concepts early in the design stage for new initiatives or assists with the redesign of mature concepts. Their knowledge of architectural design, all aspects of construction, prototype development and testing allow them to achieve the ideal concept for a multi-unit rollout.

Architecture/MEP Engineering Collaboration

Architecture, design and engineering balance financial, aesthetic, and functional requirements to ensure the final product meets the particular needs of any given project. The approved concepts are expertly maintained and reviewed throughout the development process until project completion. Services can include: exterior design and interior layouts, prototype concepts, shell building design and site adaptation for multi-tenant retail developments, mixed-use urban development, renderings and color/material packages, physical Space Study Models, three-dimensional computer-generated models.

Program Management

Program management includes supervisory activities necessary to coordinate, prioritize, and provide consolidated reporting for multiple concurrent interrelated projects. This includes designing and documenting processes, monitoring their implementation, setting budgets and completion dates, establishing individual project metrics, monitoring overall progress and performance, as well as resolving resource conflicts to maintain program goals in a manner that satisfies the client’s objectives for information and results.

Property Development

Through thorough due diligence, property development identifies and resolves the entitlement issues associated with a prospective project site in a manner that allows the client to make an accurate assessment of development risks and outlines the specific steps necessary to secure a construction permit.

Project Management

This is the leadership role responsible for applying processes, tools and techniques to define a project’s goals, allocate the budget, and plan and schedule the work. Additionally, Project Management will assemble, coordinate and motivate the resources; identify and resolve outstanding design and construction issues; control costs; and close out to complete the project in a manner that satisfies the client’s and other stakeholders’ objectives for use, scope, quality, time and expense.

Construction Management

Construction management includes supervisory activities necessary to represent the owner’s (client’s) interests during the construction phase of a project. This includes preparing and analyzing building costs; identifying prospective General Contractors (GCs); soliciting and interpreting bids; coordinating work with the owner, landlord, municipalities, tenants, neighbors, and the GC; responding to GC questions; reviewing pay applications and cost adjustments; and monitoring the work to ensure safe, timely, reliable results that satisfy the client’s design criteria.

Procurement & Vendor Management

This is the procurement of the entire Furniture, Fixtures & Equipment (FF&E) package as well as any owner-provided items for construction. Through aggregated buying, we can negotiate significant savings and coordinate all logistics. Our team can issue all purchase orders, establish vendor accounts on behalf of the franchisee, coordinate delivery and installation, update schedules, address field conditions with the contractors and schedule the equipment start-up prior to turnover.