It’s all in our name

Consolidated Development Services (CDS) offers the most comprehensive suite of development services focused on national and multi-unit projects. Our company was specifically created to deliver turnkey construction support for corporations, developers and franchisors that implement multi-unit concepts. As indicated in our name, we were purposely created to fill a void by providing a single source of consolidated development services offering a true Single Source DevelopmentTM relationship. One entity, one point of contact, one unified flow of work from initial concept through completion – thereby integrating the roles of designer and constructor for a seamless and successful project each and every time.

Founded in 2000, we have extensive experience in architecture, retail construction, store design, construction project management among many other services; delivering exceptional results on regional, national and global programs.

Why we’re different?

Single Source = Absolute Accountability

With our Single Source DevelopmentTM approach, there’ a single point of contact for all projects; with one call, you can get all the turnkey services you need, or any questions answered. No runaround, deflections or hassles. Which means, we got your back no matter what. We’re all about taking care of our clients. We stop at nothing to make sure all goes smoothly no matter what comes up, and something always does.

Value-Based Design = Huge Time and Cost Savings

In Value-Based Design, value is defined as function divided by cost. We concentrate on maximizing the project’s function while minimizing cost to generate the greatest value for our clients. When we collaborate with our network of architects, designers, and engineers, we not only save upfront costs, but by delivering each project on time means quicker time-to-market and revenue generation.

Custom Solutions = Turnkey or A La Carte

Our resources can scale to meet all client needs. Whether you need complete turnkey architectural, design, construction and project management services or only select services to complement existing or internal groups, our contracts are custom tailored. Regardless of the solution deployed, we guarantee a consistent completion of your multi-unit rollout that will not only meet, but exceed, your needs and expectations at all levels of ownership.

Top 10 Reasons to work with CDS

  • 1


    There is a single point of contact; with one call, you can get all the services you need, or any questions answered. No runaround, deflections or hassles.

  • 2


    We have nationwide licenses, so there is no market we can’t service.

  • 3


    We create a Master Timetable that tracks all projects, so you have visibility at any moment for every project at all stages of development. This helps with the management of your Ops Team.

  • 4


    As a result of planning, scale and efficiencies, projects are completed on time so they can open as scheduled.

  • 5


    Pre-lease property review will ensure there are no unforeseen challenges at each location. Assistance with lease negotiation and tenant improvement can be provided at the start of the project, reducing uncertainty and time to completion can also eliminate the risk of dead rent.

  • 6


    Whether it is identifying issues early in the project, leveraging our aggregated pricing or implementation efficiencies, our Value-Based Design process and services will result in guaranteed cost saving.

  • 7


    From due diligence in the beginning to hands-on permit facilitation, we ensure all work is approved quickly and efficiently with each municipality saving time and accelerating Time to Market.

  • 8


    Our integrated team provides active management of the permit and certification process. Assistance with interpreting codes, properly completing the correct forms and interacting with municipalities will keep projects on the critical path and reduce costs.

  • 9


    Developing multi-unit projects allows us to identify and negotiate the best pricing, reducing the cost for each individual location.

  • 10


    We ensure all projects are completed according to plan, just like the last, for a consistent appearance, adherence to Brand Standards and customer experience delivery.